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‘Eavesdrop Assembly’ officially released TODAY!

The long awaited full length JODOH album, Eavesdrop Assembly is officially available today, June 21st! on MNO Records. You can now order the album on Amazon, i-Tunes and other other music outlets! Thank you for all of your continued love and support!


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Pre-order ‘Eavesdrop Assembly’ NOW!

The long awaited full length JODOH album, Eavesdrop Assembly officially drops June 21st! on MNO Records

We are all very excited to finally release this album, and we hope that you are equally excited to hear it! So, it gives us great joy in announcing that you can now pre-order the album on Amazon in anticipation of the release! We appreciate all of your love and support!




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JODOH signs to MNO Records

It’s official! JODOH has inked a deal with Los Angeles based MNO Records. MNO’s John Edney extended an offer to Dave and Chris which they gladly accepted to finally enable the release of the long awaited album, Eavesdrop Assembly! This is great news! and hopefully some shows will ensue soon! Thanks for all of your support and be sure to look for the 2016 release!


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Eavesdrop Assembly!

JODOH’s newest album, Eavesdrop Assembly is officially finished. Mixed by John Flannery of Too Rude and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Matt Hyde with a great arrangement of songs, Eavesdrop Assembly includes a previously unreleased version of the track “Sundown 2 Sunup” featuring Son Doobie of Funkdoobiest, two tracks with Steve Ewing from The Urge and other new unreleased tracks! Look for it soon! Respect!

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